Welcome:  Hello, my name is Pastor Keith. My trusty sidekick, Woo, and I would like to welcome you to PRN Pastor. Widely used in the medical field, PRN is an abbreviation for the Latin, Pro Re Nata, which means as needed. After ten years of simultaneously serving two churches, I have stepped out of the pulpit and embraced the newfound freedom to minister when and where . . . More

Long-Expected Events (Sermon, 04/02/2021):  I remember my paternal grandfather’s telling me about his experience when Halley’s Comet made, in 1910, its return trip to slingshot around the sun.  Grandpa told me that the night sky was filled with the sight of the comet.  He described the tail of the comet as having stretched almost all the way across the heavens and the illumination being so . . . More

From Gloom To Glory (Sermon, 04/12/2020): Introduction: In the worldwide battle against the ravages of the Coronavirus, a. k. a. Covid-19, we thank God for those persons who are working selflessly and tirelessly to make positive differences.  Glimpses of light in the midst of the darkness; these men, women, and children can be found expending their time and energy to better our lives. In the news and . . . More

Genes That Fit (Sermon, 12/25/2019):  Introduction:  Merry Christmas from PRN Pastor! Every pastor takes great joy in sharing the glad tidings of Jesus’ birth, and I am no exception.  Here is my Christmas sermon—a gift of good news to you and yours . . . Sermon:  If you were not reading this and I were to spontaneously ask you if you had genes that fit; you most likely would think I was inquiring about jeans of the denim variety, not genes of the genetic variety. As you can . . . More

Holding Patterns (Sermon, 12/07/2019):  When private, commercial, and military planes are in flight and approaching their destinations; pilots sometimes encounter landing delays.  Causative factors can be air-traffic congestion, adverse weather, and/or unforeseen circumstances. When landing delays occur; air-traffic control will instruct pilots to circle, at a certain altitude, their planes over the airfields until clearance is . . . More

In Harms Way (Sermon, 10/19/2019):  I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm’s way. On November 16, 1778, the above statement appeared in a letter from Captain John Paul Jones of the United States Navy to Monsieur Le Ray de Chaumont of France. Captain Jones had sent . . . More

Paving The Way With Clay (Sermon, 09/21/2019):  In 2007, there was a denominational shortage of United Methodist pastors in certain districts of the North Alabama Conference. As a result, our home church and sister church were without a pastor. At that time, Donna and I had been active members of our home church for the majority of twenty-eight years. She served as . . . More

The World Got In The Way (Sermon, 08/25/2019):  In Barcelona, Spain, graceful spires rise high above the city—marking the spot where construction of the La Sagrada Familia Basilica is well underway.  From Spanish to English, the translation of La Sagrada Familia Basilica is: The Holy Basilica Family Work is slowly nearing completion on this magnificent cathedral, which is already heralded as the most-popular tourist . . . More

Gift-Giving Faux Pas (Sermon, 07/21/2019):  Have you ever witnessed or experienced a gift-giving faux pas—an occasion when either giving or receiving a gift did not go well? The worst gift I was given is when I got out of rehab that Christmas; a bottle of wine. It was delicious. — Craig Ferguson, Talk-Show Host . . . Gift-giving faux pas: An inappropriate gift . . . More

Pecking Order (Sermon, 07/05/2019):  On Thursday, September 9, 2004, the residents of Alabama flocked around their televisions to watch NBC’s The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and await the segment in which a homegrown celebrity was scheduled to make a highly-anticipated guest appearance. Viewers were not disappointed when the little starlet, clad in grayish-white feathers, hopped onto Jay’s desk and wowed . . . More

Malicious Meals (Sermon, 06/24/2019):  At some point in our lives, we have all experienced and/or witnessed meals that were expected to be delicious, but proved to be malicious. For any number of reasons, these meals digressed from ideal to ordeal. One of the most malicious meals I ever witnessed was when I was working in restaurant management. The Hoedown . . . More 

Heaven Bound (Reflection, 06/13/2019):  When launching PRN Pastor, my goal was to make a concerted effort to post a weekly message to my readers. Life, however, often takes us, as it did this past week, on unexpected journeys. Sunday before last, we received the news that the senior member of our former Woodstock United Methodist Church family had been . . . More

Subjects Of Blame (Sermon, 06/01/2019):  I have often said and heard it said: If you a point a finger, there are three pointing back at you. The origin of this snippet of wisdom is believed to be Native American, specifically Navajo. In referring to a human being, the Navajo people use the word, bílaʼashdlaʼii, which translates to the . . . More

Remnants (Reflection, 05/19/2019):  Donna and I have lived next door to our neighbor, Danielle, since moving into our present home in October 1984. In a recent conversation with Donna, Danielle told of a pianist who was admitted to the same senior home at which Danielle’s mother, Mary Ruth, was a resident. Since childhood, the pianist had volunteered and . . . More

Letting Go (Reflection, 05/11/2019):  Donna’s and my home church was where I was baptized and later became a church member for the very first time. Spanning nearly four decades, we experienced the best of times and worst of times at this little white church perched atop the hill.  We were not only longstanding members, but I also had the . . . More